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09/02/14 02:32 PM #2    

Virginia Kosmo

Hi Tom:  Thanks for joining the Reunion Committee and helping to get this website started.  Looks like a lot of nice activities planned, hope we get a good turnout of classmates.  The 45th was super, the 50th will be even better.  Ginny Kosmo

09/03/14 02:00 PM #3    

Thomas Rando

Hi Ginny and David,


This should be a fun reunion.  The web site now has 92 members and counting. It's intent is to allow class of 65 members to receive communications and stay in touch.


Pass the word on about the web address.



09/03/14 09:40 PM #4    

Thomas Rando

Hi All,


There has been some confusion about people on the missing list.  If you are not registered on the web site then you are on the "MISSING LIST". Once you register then your name comes off of the Missing List.  So please register and if you know for certain that some is deceased please let us know by sending info to the webmaster  at

Additionally, if you click on the "First Time Visitors" you will get iformation about the web site, as well as, instructions for entering your information and pictures onto the web site. 


The Reunion Committee

10/16/14 12:35 PM #5    

Linda Shriber (Chaletzky)

Just got clued into this site.  Was in shock to see how many have passed away.  That's a huge proportion of our group.  Stunned.

02/02/15 12:21 PM #6    


Harriet Rodman

I was shocked and saddened, as well...........

Life can be so fragile.

BTW.........................does anyone know where Peter Hoover is?????????

02/04/15 01:42 PM #7    


Harriet Rodman

Really in Hiding???????????????????????????

03/27/15 07:59 AM #8    

Pamela Husselbee (Sherrill)

According to his Mother's (Polly Hoover) obituary, he is in Freeport, Maine.

04/18/15 12:44 PM #9    

Marian Russell (Ehrlich)

Does anyone have contact information for Berny Sue Pellows?  


Marian Russell Ehrlich

04/19/15 11:57 AM #10    

David Margolin

 Does anybody have any information on Brett Coty



05/05/15 03:08 PM #11    

James Holicker (Holicker)

i think he had curly hair and wore glasses

05/12/15 10:18 PM #12    

Laurel Elgart

Hi everyone! I am coming but my name isn't on the list.....please add

Laurie (Laurel) Elgart ! I am really looking forward to seeing you all.

05/25/15 08:21 PM #13    


Steven Wightman

Hello classmates;  i look forward to meeting and talking with everyone I meet.  It should be fun even without the Beattles! Regards, Steve,





05/26/15 12:56 PM #14    


Marilyn Reisman (Kotcher)

Hi Everyone. I was so upset and saddened to learn of Jonathan's Herman's passing. I spent most of 9th grade at his home, hanging out with him. He was hilarious! I will miss him even more so. Does anyone know how and when he passed?

Best, Best, Marilyn Reisman

05/31/15 11:04 AM #15    

Cara Crosby

Thank you to the amazing committee who brought us all together. I had a great time and appreciated each event that you planned. Thank you also to everyone who came and shared their stories with me. It was very meaningful to me to connect with you. Please stay in touch!


06/02/15 03:54 PM #16    

Maxine Ahearn (Veduccio)

Bravo to the whole committee who gave their time and energy, (which was enormus) for the Class of 65 to have such a wonderful reunion.  My husband and I only made the Saturday night event but, it was incredible!!! Remember, you all brought so much joy to so many, and didn't make a dime! Ha Ha.  Hope to see you all again at the 60th.....Maxine Ahearn Veduccio

06/03/15 09:04 AM #17    

George Bloom

The whole weekend was just great. Thanks to the committee for doing such a fantastic job. George M. Bloom

06/03/15 02:15 PM #18    

Ross Capon

I join in the previous comments thanking the committee for their good work. Louise and I had fun touring the school, meeting folks Saturday night, and--taking advantage of our rare presence in New England--meeting separately with a few classmates that weren't at the evening event. This was our first reunion, hopefully not the last!  

06/03/15 02:22 PM #19    

Richard Lord

To All My Classmates:

I am Richard Lord, and also speaking for one to whom I beloing, Dr. Nancy Lord Zearfoss, we enjoyed our reunion with you. I was pleaed to again meet with old friends, but I was also pleased to meet amd make new friends with classmates I did not know. This was a great and joyful surprise for me.

Someone needs to say this about us, our generation, and so at this time it shall be me.

Tom Brokow said our parents' generation was the "Greatest Generation" and the "Generation that Saved the World." However, I belive we are the "Greater than Greatest Generation" as we are the "Generation that Changed the World. " Our parents left us we a lot of "Stuff" They left us a ton of garbage to clean up. They left us with a lot of "isms" as in racism, sexism etc. to address and resolve, we did just that, and we have much good that we did to reflectt upon.

Review what laws we had back then and look how far we have come and where we are now. We have come a long way, but we are not there yet, and we have not yet reached the moutaintop of justice, equaility, and oportunity. I know this as the Chaitrman of the Southern Maryland Tri-County Commuinty Action Committee - now as a retired federal employee and now volunteer.

My first job when I got my undergrad degree in 1969 was as the director of a Boys' Club of American in an African American community of Trenton NJ. Hardest but best job I ever had. The reason I went this career path of public service was because at a civil rights march I organized in 1967, Julian Bond said to me, "Richard, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem" and "If you are going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk." So, I went from marching to walking.

Our generation not only chaged the world, but we turned it upside down. Look at tecnology, medicine, and our music, yes, OUR great music in addition to the social progress we initiated. I love our generation. I love us.

And, we are not yet done. We shall not go silently into that goodnight. We shall go out kicking and screeming but also singing and dancing.

Love you all,


06/03/15 02:26 PM #20    

Richard Lord

And one last thing, try to change heart today, and tomorrow, and the next, for that is way to clearing a path to the mountaintop.

06/03/15 09:34 PM #21    

Richard Lord

Love is the answer, love you all, and if you ever are down my way, please stop by

06/04/15 08:47 AM #22    

Sally Gleason (Sciretta)

What a great Reunion.  Thanks to all the Committee members who donated their time and energy to make this event a success!    Sally Gleason Sciretta

06/04/15 11:02 AM #23    

James Holicker (Holicker)

I think there are improvements that can be put into play for the 100th     coconut shrimp were very yummy  great great job 

06/04/15 11:37 AM #24    

Jane Shuman (Pollock)

Delightful to catch up with so many classmates. Hope to hear from some of you going forward. Thank you, reunion committee, for providing the forum for a wonderful weekend! 

06/04/15 02:11 PM #25    

Linda Stadtman (Knox)

My heartfelt thanks to all who put this wonderful reunion together!

My only regret is that there was not enough time to greet and talk to everyone.   To those I was fortunate enough to see and talk to......Thanks for the memories.    And to those I didn't,.....maybe at our 55th or 60th??????

I would love hearing from anyone, anytime.  The booklet shows my email incorrectly.   It is  

To All.......stay well and be happy until we meet again.

Linda Stadtman Knox



06/05/15 07:35 AM #26    

Virginia Kosmo

Wonderful weekend of activities, I add my many thanks to the committee for all the work in organizing the reunion, and hope you had as much fun as the rest of the class, and had time to kick back and enjoy our 50th events.  Ginny Kosmo

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